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free wedding photography for june 09.....

Apr. 19th, 2009 | 12:21 am

so, armed with what little html i know, i made a website - imagery.stitchpixie.com to showcase my wedding photography. i figured snapdragon was a catchy name, but all related .com's were taken, so i decided to tag it onto stitchpixie and whipped this up in less than 72 hours. it's not all fancy or flash-y like the pros, but then again, i did it by myself and i know little more than br, img, and a href tags.


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free wedding photography

Jan. 16th, 2009 | 11:14 am

i'm shooting weddings for three friends this upcoming year as a free gesture, and i'd love to get some more intense, day-of practice under my belt. so if there's anyone in the seattle area, and potentially vancouver, bc, that is interested in having me follow you around pro-bono, photojournalist-style for your big day in the next few months, please let me know . these are some photos i took purely as a guest at the end of december at my cousin's wedding.

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new coin purses at stitchpixie.com

Jan. 16th, 2009 | 10:55 am






new at stitchpixie.com

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new stuff!

Jan. 11th, 2009 | 05:51 pm

it's been a long time since i've posted here...i do maintain a more day-to-day writing space. i've had minimal if any updates to stitchpixie for more than half a year while i've tried to fly under the radar and catch up on orders in the pre-math and aftermath of my wedding. so...new stuff...new vulvas!










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happy fourth!

Jul. 4th, 2008 | 12:15 pm

jun08 1297a

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(no subject)

May. 16th, 2008 | 08:55 pm

050208 077
so I have these plants in the garden and I can't tell friend from foe. while i've found a lot of the perennial ground cover at local stores (see image immediately above )........................no nursery or plant center i've been to has anything that resembles these two entities:
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(no subject)

May. 2nd, 2008 | 08:07 pm

050208 005aside from the bemused/delighted/inquisitive reactions i get when people come across a sperm purse for the first time, the most common question i get is: "how do you come up with so many ideas?" where do i draw my inspiration? my products are definitely suggestive of the whole flora fauna imagery, but i feel like my designs are so far removed from nature, so far removed from anything i'm capable of photographing, or even drawing. i have a great sense of realism about my sketches and i've always balked at "art" that features an admittedly cartoon-y character with one eye larger than the other. being part of the indie scene, i've grown somewhat used to it, and while i used to think that these artists couldn't draw, the fact that they can replicate their images time and time again with consistency makes me have a new appreciation for the style, but i still can't bring myself to incorporate that into my own work.

i have a great respect for my high school art teacher, who, among many things, also taught my english class and spent hours after school with laila and i while i played with her slab roller and lumps of clay. she traveled with me (and laila, and jenn) to russia where we ate porridge topped with a pad of butter and avoided some raw fish delicacy while laila ate something like cocopuffs alongside orange juice for breakfast. she was the one who shook her head with wisdom at my aspirations to become a child psychiatrist (translation: 14 years at UBC), and told me that i would soon discover that med school wasn't the biggest achievement in the world. she had once been one of the thousands of young science undergrads at UBC, gunning for med school, until she realized she was spending more time in the dark room than her science labs. for me, the realization hit about two weeks too late, two weeks too late to drop out of my ridiculously boring and unapplicable physical chemistry course without getting a "W"....sure all my med school pre-reqs fit nicely into my pharmacy electives, but i could have taken more naked drawing classes without them!

on the note of once-discarded advice, she also told me - why draw so realistically when you could just take a photograph? this lady also impressed upon me what has now become the backbone behind st*tchp*x*e and the reason i'm a pharmacist and not sewing for 8 hours day or trying to support a family on art: do not make your passion your career, it'll suck the fun out of it.

back to my original thought: i certainly rely heavily on ideas from nature, but it really is just a random concept that enters my head in somewhat of an attention-deficit-disorder kind of way, rather than drawing inspiration from a bird that i come across while in my backyard. someone was so sure that i'd spent time in japan because my tri-chromatic mount fuji design and cherry blossom images strongly made that suggestion. as for my signature skyline pouch, it's just a coincidence that i live 20 minutes from seattle now. it becomes a different city to everyone though - i get an immediate, almost knee-jerk reaction from people who pick up my skyline pouch, and it's often different, depending on where their lives have taken them - most times it's seattle, even when they're not in seattle, other times it's toronto, sometimes it's vancouver, and once it was calgary (calgary?).

04202308 208

04202308 214

softblurabout four years ago, a photographer friend told me that taking pictures of flowers was challenging. this photo at right is an image of mine from back then. perhaps in large part thanks to my 18-200mm lens, i think i've overcome this challenge. i'm glad i've been able to overcome such challenges almost effortlessly, like being shocked at my Language Arts class blemishing my perfect A report card in seventh grade, followed by my private school acceptance letter a few months later that commended me on my strong math skills but indicated that i was below average on the reading comprehension, as revealed by a standardized test....and then somehow, i suddenly had the skills to analyze writings and concepts that i never thought i could understand(existentialism anyone??). at my high school graduation, i was so humbled to accept the top student award in english and a copy of les miserables to commemorate it. however, i feel entirely incapable of taking a worthy photograph of this fantastically retro plant below. while my cherry blossom handbags look nothing like what i'm capable of photographing, if ever there was something in nature that i would directly translate into a st*tchp*x*e design, this would be it.
050208 029

050208 025

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(no subject)

May. 2nd, 2008 | 06:41 pm

there are bands that i'd like to see, indie and popular alike, but when i think to actively look for their tour dates, i find they've just passed through town. i stumbled upon an article for Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová coming to seattle by happenstance last week at work, and then debated over the weekend whether i wanted to go or not. i realized monday, when i finally decided to go, that i hadn't read the article closely enough; the concert was on wednesday, and not tuesday, and it was at the moore, and not the showbox sodo, and.... it was sold out. so to craigslist, from whence i made andrew drive out to u. village to snatch up four tickets, and then to craigslist again to successfully sell the second pair since we couldn't find anyone to go with so last minute.

fancy[side note: if you haven't watched the movie once, it's fantastic. irish guitar-playing man meets young, classically trained pianist with a czech accent, and they make music. in real life they don't seem all that different from the characters they played in the movie]

andrew asked if i knew where it was, and then i realized, through some vague recollection, that the moore was three doors down from a shop that i sell st*tchpixie goods in: fancy + pants (there's a collection of shops along that building which include Schmancy as well as Nancy)

he played the same skeleton of a guitar that he played in the movie, and despite (or perhaps because of) the holes, it had such a full sound that almost made me think it was a 12-string. his voice can be sweet and contemplative, but there are times that it has this incredible affect to it, so powerfully visceral and i love it - i imagine he would push his voice like this a lot more when he headlined for The Frames. she, with her gentle personality and all bohemian in her long skirt, shared one mic with him as he played an electric guitar for one song in something that gestured at an image of johnny cash and june carter 50 years earlier. at the end, their opening act came out to sing a bob dylan song with them, and i was amazed at how much like bob dylan the singer sounded. with those words that are sung....almost while inhaling sharply so they don't quite trail off, but are cut short...i don't know quite how to describe it. andrew and i had seen bob dylan in concert last year, and in addition to the fantasticness of his policeman pants with the yellow stripe down the side, he did his bob dylan dance-y thing. the opening act-guy may have pulled off the song better than bob dylan ever could have, but he definitely didn't have his moves.
images courtesy of z e r o s t u d i o, duckfluff, and rachel brooke at flickr

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(no subject)

May. 2nd, 2008 | 06:24 pm

050108 009the mister and i worked at the same store yesterday, which never happens, and is never supposed to happen. i went through the day in a daze, unable to recall simple facts like zovirax dosing for herpes simplex, and staring blankly at the wall of liquids with a doctor holding the phone line while i tried desperately to jog a memory of the product she wanted to have prescribed for herself, something she'd told me not 20 seconds earlier. despite my inability to extract simple information from the reccesses of my brain, i wanted to crawl back into bed for no other reason than i had my period. i'm not really that type of girl, but i guess it happens to everyone of us. i'd also foolishly decided to wear lacey underwear, which, although i was prepared with period-related supplies, was not my cup of tea for an eight hour day on my feet. so i wanted to go home, whip out my comfy ae cotton boy-cut underwear, and crawl into bed. i tried to pump myself up all day to go to my dance class after work, and it literally took 10 hours for me to wake up. i'm slightly hesitant to address this topic, knowing all the google search strings associated with my name alone, because it's going to bear more permanence than i should be comfortable with. but i think i'm a pretty forward person. and if jenn can post about her legs with such candor, and if my favorite writer, the utah-based, non-mormon powerhouse of a woman behind dooce.com is so very frank and straightforward about things that would be mundane in anyone else's words, then i can write about how i got home from work, and within 10 minutes, a shower, contact lenses, and a tampon turned my day around.

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(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2008 | 05:44 pm

04202308 140
i heard at work today that it's going to hit 68 degrees this weekend. while this fahrenheitical statement would normally not make any sense to me, i do know that i set the temperature in the house to a nice warm 68. so that sounds pretty exciting to me!

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